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We defend planes, trains, and tanks from cyberattack.

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Defend Against the Entire Lifecycle

Shift5's interlocking products combat the entire cyberattack lifecycle



Shift5's products work separately, together, or with third-party components

Shift5 Intake

Collect and enrich full-take message data from a serial data bus. Intake uses highly efficient, bespoke compression techniques to store and stream high message volume.

Shift5 Engine

Prevent and detect intrusions. Engine uses rules-based and model-based analytics to detect and prevent cyberattacks the moment they happen.

Shift5 Gauge Cluster

Conduct incident response and preventative maintenance. Gauge Cluster exposes full-take data capture and advanced analytics to enable unrivaled insights.

Shift5 Intake is an advanced data recorder.

Intake collects, enriches, stores, and transmits full-take embedded data bus captures real time to enable incident response, analytics, and provides a platform for intrusion detection and prevention technologies.

Supports Legacy Systems

Intake deploys as a software or hardware upgrade to existing vehicles.

Supports Most Serial Protocols

Intake collects MIL-STD 1553, J1939, and CAN 2.0

Supports Streaming and Air-Gapped Modes

Intake works in an online or offline mode, depending on the availability of external communications support.

Shift5 Answers GAO's Call to Action

The U.S. Government Accountability Office calls upon the federal government to take urgent action to protect federal systems and critical infrastructure from cyberattack.

Our Team

We're a team of hardware hackers and information security experts with deep experience in operational technology.

Mike Weigand

Chief Executive Officer

James Correnti

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Lospinoso, PhD

Chief Research Officer

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