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Protect the Platform.

We defend critical infrastructure from cyberattack.

Serial data bus vulnerabilities exist today on nearly every vehicle and platform. Shift5 covers all of your bases.


Monitor cyber activity on the ground and in-flight.

Building management systems

Gain insights into complex, networked infrastructures.

Heavy vehicles

Track freight and cargo vehicles in transit and at hubs.

Helicopters & UAVs

Protect aircraft from hardware and software exposure.

Maritime vessels

Record cyber heuristics at sea.


Insights and protection for weapons platforms.

Satellites & Space systems

Supports CAN, MIL-STD-1553, RS-232, RS-429, and custom protocols.


Protecting locomotive fleets and wayside infrastructure.

Don’t see your system represented here?

Shift5 works for just about any operational technology. Get in touch to learn how Shift5 can work for you.

Systems Diagram

Shift5 answers GAO's call to action

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GOA) calls upon the federal government to take urgent action to protect federal systems and critical infrastructure from cyberattack. Shift5 meets the need by protecting against the full lifecycle of cyberattack.


Repair parts

When repairing vehicles, replacement parts can be compromised through supply chain vulnerabilities or attacks.


Maintenance laptops, USB thumb drives, or CDs that are interfacing directly with the platform can be compromised.

Close access

Physical security can be breached, leading to an adversary gaining direct access to a platform.


Each time a vehicle connects to a computer to provide unencrypted or unauthenticated firmware updates, there’s an opportunity for a security breach.

RF access

Certain devices can be configured to emit radio frequencies that interfere with system performance or disrupt the normal functioning of subsystems.


Attackers can gain unauthorized access to closed or air-gapped networks, persisting on your network to gain access to launch an attack at a time and place of their choosing.

Physical assets

Similar to a supply chain vulnerability, managing countless parts for platform maintenance or working with a large supplier can lead to adversaries gaining access to physical assets.

Without proactive cybersecurity protection, your platforms are susceptible to the malicious effects of nation state adversaries

Destroy The hacker’s objective is to damage your system so badly that a complete rebuild is required.

Disable By turning off your system unexpectedly, a hacker can make business and mission operations impossible.

Deny Adversaries can deny access to critical information, systems, and services by locking you out.

Deceive False information may manipulate your perception of reality without knowledge of a cyberattack.

Disrupt By breaking or interrupting the flow of information, attackers can halt communication.

Degrade Hackers can reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of your systems, slowing down your operations.

Shift5's Security Product Suite

Shift5 protects OT platforms through three security products.

Shift5 Intake

Shift5 Intake provides full-take embedded data bus capture through continuous collection.

Shift5 Engine

Shift5 Engine is an advanced algorithm and rules engine that uses behavior heuristics to detect, log, and alert on anomalies.

Shift5 Gauge Cluster

Shift5 Gauge Cluster tracks incident response using advanced analytics to detect intrusions and prevent cyberattacks on OT.