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Shift5 defends planes, trains, and tanks from cyber attack.

Industries We Serve

We specialize in data collection, insights, and cybersecurity technology for a wide variety of operational systems.

Shift5 for Commercial Air

Commercial Air

Shift5 for Rail & Metro

Rail & Metro

Shift5 for Defense


Helicopters & UAVs

Maritime vessels

Heavy vehicles

Satellites & space systems

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Shift5 works for just about any operational technology. Get in touch to learn how Shift5 can work for you.

More Insight. More Protection.
More Innovation.

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Digital modernization for a new era of operational technology

Shift5 captures and analyzes data from subsystems to decrease maintenance costs, unlock operational efficiencies, and enable fleet awareness.

Cyber Resilience for OT Systems

Shift5 is a single security appliance designed to protect Serial Data Bus (SDB) systems vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Our Commitment to the Federal Government

We provide enhanced cybersecurity and operational intelligence for today’s military platforms.

How it Works

Shift5 collects data & protects OT platforms through a three-component solution

Shift5 Intake

Shift5 Intake provides full-take embedded data bus capture through continuous collection.

Shift5 Engine

Shift5 Engine is an advanced algorithm and machine learning engine that uses behavior heuristics to detect, log, and alert on anomalies and mechanical deficiencies.

Shift5 Gauge Cluster

Shift5 Console tracks incident response using advanced analytics to detect intrusions and prevent cyberattacks on OT.