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We're not your typical tech company.

Yes, our team is stacked with military-grade experts and protecting OT platforms against the cyberattack lifecycle is challenging work for our developers and security experts, but we balance that intensity with a casual work environment (read: hoodies and Nando Peri-Peri working lunches), mission-driven business goals, and flexible working hours.

  • Casual work environment
  • Mission-driven business goals
  • Flexible working hours

We care about values

Maximize real-world impact

We maximize real-world impact by continuously learning and honing our solutions to tackle the most pressing, timely cybersecurity challenges.

Solve hard problems

We solve hard problems with rapid, high-quality solutions that are tested and iterated upon continuously.

Operate with integrity

We're mission-oriented, and we operate with integrity across product development, personnel, and partnerships.

Cross-functional team

We approach our work with a team mindset, and believe that good work can only be accomplished with cross-functional talent and a wide range of team expertise, experience, and voices.

Our Team

Collectively, the Shift5 team includes leading cybersecurity experts, accomplished analysts and developers, military and government backgrounds, authors, pattern-makers, and more. There's a lot that makes us unique, but together, we're united around the shared vision of solving the most pressing cybersecurity issues for trains, planes, and tanks and like to have fun doing it.

Team members

Our Hiring Commitment

Shift5 looks for creative, nerdy, passionate, hard-working, lateral thinkers. We’re a product company that deploys hardware and software onto civilian and military platforms—from aircraft, rail, maritime, and ground vehicles to space and weapons systems. As a rapidly growing, venture-backed startup, we offer a deeply challenging and exciting work environment.

Company Culture and Benefits

Shift5 is an exciting startup with healthy financing, traction, and demand for its products. Our team members are consistently thoughtful, supportive, and smart as we work together to in our commitment to serve users, our community, and greater public.


Meaningful mission with a real-life impact


Competitive salary and meaningful equity

Real-world Work

Defend and hack systems people actually use in an underserved market

Time off

Generous, flexible PTO and paid company lunches


Cutting-edge hardware, software, personal computing and network equipment are provided


Work from home or from our swanky DC office

Shift5 Jobs

If our values and culture align with your career goals, we'd love to hear from you.