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Matthew Rogers

Matthew Rogers


Matthew Rogers is Chief Intern Officer and the lead developer on Shift5 Engine. Prior to Shift5, Matthew worked for the Department of Defense, where he conducted malware analysis, reverse engineering, and penetration testing. Additionally, he co-founded an ethical hacking society where he taught intro-level cybersecurity to over 70 members, developed a Malware Analysis tool titled Malfunction presented at DerbyCon V, ShowMeConSTL 2015 & EC-Council TakeDownCon HSV 2015, and presented at Association of Old Crows 55th Symposium on cybersecurity education techniques. Matthew earned a BS in Software Engineering from Auburn University and is a PhD student at Oxford University, studying Cyber Security on a Rhodes Scholarship. His thesis pertains to validating emergency messages on serial data bus networks. Other than defending operational technology (OT) from cyberattack, Matthew’s secret superpower is gracefully losing after 12-hour board games.

Our Team

Collectively, the Shift5 team includes leading cybersecurity experts, accomplished analysts and developers, military and government backgrounds, authors, pattern-makers, and more. There's a lot that makes us unique, but together, we're united around the shared vision of solving the most pressing cybersecurity issues for trains, planes, and tanks and like to have fun doing it.

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