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Olivia Puleo

Olivia Puleo


Olivia Puleo is a hardware engineer at Shift5, and she is passionate about using engineering to help humanity. She is responsible for developing hardware and firmware to support current and future projects. Prior to Shift5, Olivia was a medical systems process engineer at Galen Robotics where she was involved in the development of the Galen surgical robot prototypes. She earned both a BS and an MS in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Other than defending operational technology (OT) from cyberattack, Olivia’s secret superpower is promoting the cult of the party parrot.

Our Team

Collectively, the Shift5 team includes leading cybersecurity experts, accomplished analysts and developers, military and government backgrounds, authors, pattern-makers, and more. There's a lot that makes us unique, but together, we're united around the shared vision of solving the most pressing cybersecurity issues for trains, planes, and tanks and like to have fun doing it.

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