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Understand Your Vulnerabilities

Our suite of tools monitors and protects your Operational Technology (OT) from cyberattacks. In a Shift5 demo, we’ll configure our products to your system to show you some of your vulnerabilities and how our intake hardware, rules engine, and advanced analytics and alerting platform can empower your business to mitigate attacks

  • Deployment strategies
  • Management and monitoring services
  • Understanding the risk of attack
  • Proactive cybersecurity for your business
Demo Image 1

How It Works

Tell us a bit about your fleet of vehicles and other OT, and we will configure our demo environment to illustrate the immediate business insights and safety measures that you can deploy by leveraging full-take capture data to heighten preventive maintenance, passenger safety and experience, cybersecurity compliance, and optimization.

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  • Intake: We capture serial bus intelligence from your OT by deploying hardware or software.
  • Rules Engine: Our advanced algorithmic rules engine provides continuous monitoring without false positives. It combines behavior heuristics with advanced statistical methods and Machine Learning algorithms to detect anomalies and sense vehicle state.
  • Gauge Cluster: Our advanced analytics and alerting platform sends alerts and logs activity, leveraging insights in minutes. You can explore the full power of Gauge Cluster tailored to your OT through a product demo.

Shift5 in Action

OT systems which leverage Serial Data Buses (SDB), including major DoD weapon systems, are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Shift5 protects those SDB-dependent systems against cyberattacks, enabling operators, commanders, maintainers, and incident responders to act quickly to protect the fleet.

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