Cyber Survivability Risk Assessment for DoD

Cyber Survivability Risk Assessment (CSRA)

A CSRA is an interactive and dynamic process designed to find cyber attack vectors in Operational Technology (OT) hardware, software, and networks. OT consists of critical embedded subsystems on a fleet such as electrical, communications, and diagnostics, to name a few. By conducting this assessment, we inform operators about cyber survivability risks to their critical systems, personnel safety, and mission.

Risk Assessment Objectives

Identify platform access vectors

Whether it’s an airplane, military weapon system, or even a locomotive; every access vector is also an attack vector. Determine cyber risk level per access vector according to operational impact.

Demonstrate potential cyber intrusion effects

Understand the impact to fleet operations from an embedded cyber attack and leverage a cyber intrusion demonstration to set the framework for a proper cyber incident response plan.

Report findings and make recommendations

After a comprehensive assessment, we deliver a premium cyber survivability analysis of all access vectors, potential operational effects in terms of risk, and detailed actionable findings to improve cyber resilience.

Benefits of Cyber Survivability Risk Assessment:

  • Measure mission risk from OT cyber attacks
  • Mitigate risk from discovered vulnerabilities
  • Empower operators, commanders, and incident responders to enhance cybersecurity practices of onboard embedded systems 
  • Utilize results to build proper incident response plan 

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