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Comprehensive protection for today’s military platforms

Advanced cybersecurity for your entire fleet

Military platform vulnerabilities

Proactive cybersecurity is needed to protect military assets
from cyberattack.

Graph of cybersecurity catching up to cyber attacks

Inherent vulnerabilities require evolving security measures

The GAO’s 2018 weapons systems cybersecurity report underscored the Department of Defense (DoD)’s growing requirements to secure its weapons platforms’ key cyber terrain.

"DOD weapon systems are more software dependent and more networked than ever before."
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U.S. Government Accountability Office

We build advanced technology to address the following cybersecurity challenges:

Toolkits must expand to protect assets

We enable incident response and forensic analysis on OT platforms to defend them
from cyberattack.

Retrofitting Operational Technology is costly

Provide cost effective cyber solutions for military OT platforms that meet Joint requirements for cyber resiliency.

Personnel require cyber training and field experience

Enable crews, maintainers, commanders, and incident responders to meet the challenge with minimal training.

Mission assurance

Shift5 provides the most comprehensive cyber resiliency solution available on the market today across land, air, sea and space.

Security suite

Security across every platform

Shift5’s security suite provides an efficient solution for protecting critical infrastructure assets and military weapons platforms from cyberattack. Designed to protect against the entire cyberattack lifecycle, Shift5 meets the military's need to enhance the system survivability key performance parameter through comprehensive cyber resilience capabilities, assuring mission availability.

Defend against the entire lifecycle

Shift5's interlocking products combat the entire cyberattack lifecycle, beginning with years of planning, moments of attack, and potentially years of mining classified information, compromising personnel and mission security.

Feature List

Intrusion Detection

See the enemy and your onboard systems’ cyber health. Detect malicious cyber activity. Shift5 alerts on known attack signatures based on protocol standards, custom rules, heuristics, and ML-driven models.

Intrusion Prevention

Stop adversaries in their tracks from gaining a foothold in onboard systems.

Full-packet data capture

Collect data in real time, supporting multiple protocols including custom protocols: J1939/CAN, Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, RS232, and RS485.

Shift5 Nitro

Technology unique to Shift5 that addresses the ‘cold start’ problem when a platform powers on.

Micro form factors & platform

Tailor Shift5’s security suite to your size, weight, and power constraints.

Common Operating Picture

Gain visibility and confidence in your weapons platforms and fleets.

Easy integration and scaling

Our expert team can quickly integrate our solution onto your platform. We create design custom integration kits so you can rapidly scale our solution across entire fleets.

Classified solutions

Shift5 Labs conducts cyber survivability risk assessments and develops bespoke solutions for select government customers.

Funding strategies

Our experienced program managers work with you to design rapid funding strategies, including SBIR, IDIQ, and other rapid-acquisition authorities.

An experienced cybersecurity company

Our team has top military-grade cybersecurity experience within the government and private sectors.

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Interconnected industries

Cross-industry expertise

Shift5 leverages extensive industry experience, government and intelligence community backgrounds, veterans, contracting know-how, and cross-functional skill sets. We’ve worked with government customers on custom solutions and we’re staffed with personnel who pioneered platform mission assurance in response to NDAA 1647.

Current Shift5 Military Platform Partners

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Intuitive and effective

We enable the military, from program managers to fleet commanders to the newest servicemembers, to effectively assess security posture, identify system vulnerabilities, and protect their platforms.

Agile workflow

Mission-centric technology

We’re a technology-first, nimble, and agile organization. We build field-proven solutions around your needs and deploy them quickly and securely.

Gauge Cluster analytics dashboard

Security across your entire fleet

Shift5’s security suite provides critical information that analysts can use for monitoring multiple vehicles and programs, and a comprehensive system manufacturers and defense contractors can trust. Our solution makes it easy to assess cyber health issues and secure OT systems around the clock.

  • Integrated, end-to-end system
  • Supports OT platforms
  • Provides a full range of data
  • Keeps your operations flexible
  • Allows you to customize your dashboard reporting
  • Rapidly deploys for increased security and efficiency across the fleet