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Dispatches from the Shift5 Team

DoD Weapon System Cybersecurity

The State of DoD Weapon System Security
Jan. 25, 2021

DoD Weapon Systems are choc-full of digital components. They are more networked and software dependent than ever before, but generally these systems were never designed with cybersecurity in mind. In this most recent video, Shift5 CEO, Josh Lospinoso, dives into the state of cybersecurity within the DoD Weapon Systems.

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Josh Lospinoso C++ Talk

Shift5 Launches C++ Meetup Group (video)
April 19, 2020

Shift5 co-founder Josh Lospinoso kicks of the inaugural Washington DC C++ User Group Meeting with a talk about object lifetimes, resource ownership, exceptions, and copy/move semantics in C++. Combined, these ideas allow the developer to employ the powerful resource acquisition is initialization (RAII)/constructor acquires destructor releases (CADRe) paradigms.

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Josh at ft gordon

Josh Lospinoso Presents "C++ for Hackers" at US Army Cyber Center of Excellence
Jan. 17, 2020

Shift5 co-founder Josh Lospinoso talks about how C++ can be a vital tool for infosec developers. In this talk, he presents a simple Stage 0 Implant written in modern C++ to tool developers from Army Cyber Command. Along the way, he illuminates many features of C++, the C++ Standard Library, and the Boost Libraries that are highly useful when developing cybersecurity tools.

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