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Dispatches from the Shift5 Team

Josh Lospinoso C++ Talk

Shift5 Launches C++ Meetup Group (video)
April 19, 2020

Shift5 co-founder Josh Lospinoso kicks of the inaugural Washington DC C++ User Group Meeting with a talk about object lifetimes, resource ownership, exceptions, and copy/move semantics in C++. Combined, these ideas allow the developer to employ the powerful resource acquisition is initialization (RAII)/constructor acquires destructor releases (CADRe) paradigms.

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Josh at ft gordon

Josh Lospinoso Presents "C++ for Hackers" at US Army Cyber Center of Excellence
Jan. 17, 2020

Shift5 co-founder Josh Lospinoso talks about how C++ can be a vital tool for infosec developers. In this talk, he presents a simple Stage 0 Implant written in modern C++ to tool developers from Army Cyber Command. Along the way, he illuminates many features of C++, the C++ Standard Library, and the Boost Libraries that are highly useful when developing cybersecurity tools.

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