Shift5 | Special Episode: Precision Railroading

Shift5 Team February 23, 2021

Special Episode of Planes, Trains, & Tanks: Precision Railroading

Precision Scheduled Railroading Episode: Precision railroading, also sometimes called Precision Scheduled Railroading or PSR, is an optimization concept popularized by railroading titan Hunter Harrison. Rather than rely on older practices like hub-and-spoke models, PSR practitioners operate on fixed schedules and emphasize point-to-point freight car movements, simplified routing, and fixed schedules. The result can be more profitable operations, less freight car inventory, and less manual labor. In this episode, special guests Dave Dealy, Gil Lamphere, and Mike Weigand discuss PSR, how data and cybersecurity will play a big role in rail operations, and where the locomotive industry is heading.

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