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A multi-track approach to modernize rail & metro operations

Advanced situational awareness for a new era of transit systems, ridership confidence, and rail security.

Shift5 for Today’s US Rail & Metro Systems

Railway safety equals rider confidence.

Long-term savings on cost and person hours

Train Profile

Empower railway operations analysts

Turn untapped data into actionable insights. Security monitoring enhances operational efficiency.

  • Fault code monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Conditions-based maintenance

Protect your bottom line with operational insight

30,000 Hrs Saved with accurate maintenance rationalization

$7 Million Cost savings by detecting and repositioning empty containers

$100 Million Reduction in planned capital expenditure

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One system. So many benefits.

US railroad and metro companies turn to Shift5’s freight and transit security solution because it provides continuous monitoring of railway vulnerabilities, a rules engine that alerts automatically, and work packages that enable rail cyber security analysts to address cyber threats immediately. Detection and responsive management of your transit system’s cyber health results in long-term savings on cost and person hours.

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Customizable automated alerts
  • Work packages for on-site resolution
  • Long-term savings on cost and person hours

“Recent attacks in London, Brussels, and New York City...highlight the importance of strengthening and securing passenger rail systems around the world.

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Railway’s inherent vulnerability

Railway systems are inherently vulnerable to cyberattack due to their fixed schedules, public availablity of route and schedule information, multiple open access points, high ridership, and limited access lanes.


Rail systems
are vulnerable

A malicious attack could mean unrecoverable loss of reputation, rider confidence, and life.

Rider safety goes beyond public perception

Real safety means protecting railway infrastructure, passengers, and cargo from physical and invisible threats.

Invest today and save tomorrow

IT and security investments must be made to strengthen rail OT systems and keep people safe.

"Cyberattacks can destroy a transit agency’s physical systems, render them inoperable, hand over control of those systems to an outside entity or jeopardize the privacy of employee or customer data."
American Public Transportation Association Logo
American Public Transportation Association

Increased capability means more vulnerabilities.

OT and IT systems are more interconnected than ever. Meanwhile networks, wireless communications systems, and command centers have become more sophisticated. The result: rapidly evolving rail and metro systems that are more capable – and vulnerable – than ever.

Safety and efficiency are on the line.

To adapt and respond to cyberattacks that threaten rail’s operations, safety, and ridership, you need a security solution that keeps your railway safe and your operations efficient.

Our Solution for Rail Cybersecurity

Our experience draws from top government and private sector, military grade cybersecurity teams.

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Security across your entire platform

There’s no silver bullet for protecting an entire transit system. Not every cyber attack looks the same. Shift5’s Rail security suite provides critical information that security operations centers can use for monitoring multiple systems and precincts to maintain public safety.

  • Integrated, end-to-end system
  • Supports OT platforms
  • Provides a full range of data
  • Keeps your operations flexible
  • Allows you to customize your dashboard reporting
  • Rapidly deploys for increased passenger safety and efficiency across the line
Railway Security

See the bigger security picture

A return to normal ridership in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic means making comprehensive improvements that help keep people who ride your rail safe. Know where and how your railway is vulnerable to cyberattacks like the one SFMTA experienced with a complete look at your security posture.

  • On-platform alerting
  • Situational awareness
  • Full-fleet reporting and analytics

Meet evolving security standards

Rail and transit systems have been classified as high-risk for cyberattacks by the Federal government since 1997. Shift5 helps railways meet evolving cybersecurity and safety standards, enabling rail operators to identify, respond, and react to virtually any railway cyber threat from anywhere.

  • Real-time data capture
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Secure cloud deployment
  • Incident response
Incident Response

Detect and prevent most known rail cyber attacks

For optimal reopening success post-pandemic, ease riders’ minds with added security. Shift5’s cyber security solution automatically identifies over 100 attack signatures, and immediately alerts railway crews and managers.

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Incident response
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Automated alerts

Connect the dots and protect the platform

Feature list

Full Packet Data Capture

Collect data in real time, from switches to locomotive engines.

Detection & Prevention

Avert most known attacks with sophisticated algorithms.

Incident Response

Tampering detection and alerts for real-time risk mitigation.

Situational Awareness

See anomalous functioning, with complete and accurate data.

Continuous Monitoring

Turn your real-time data into security insights.

Predictive Maintenance

Optimize the life of your equipment by timing care right.

On-Premise Deployment

Secure storage and 
analysis reporting.

RS252 Protocol

Configurable for the RS252 Protocol.

Shift5 security integrates with your current tools

Aerial map of train and cell tower with alerts shown on the locomotive, track switch, wayside bungalow, and gate.
Aerial map of train and cell tower with alerts shown on the locomotive, track switch, wayside bungalow, and gate.

Easy to integrate, deploy, and manage

Shift5 bolts onto your existing product. It’s simple to manage and easy to deploy, giving you continuous awareness with one solution that works with your preferred tools.

  • Secure cloud deployment
  • Custom APIs