Miguel Payán

Based in McLean, VA, Miguel Payán brings vast knowledge and experiences from engaging with different mobility ecosystem stakeholders – from regulators, to OEMs, to VCs, to infrastructure providers, to startups – in order to integrate autonomous vehicles, IoT, connectivity, and cybersecurity with emerging B2B and B2C business models to produce exceptional customer experiences and business impact.

Formerly the Global Head of Strategy, Ford Mobility at Ford Motor Company, Miguel oversaw the development of the strategies and matching investments and acquisitions to deploy new assets and business models, such as intelligent fleet management, autonomous vehicle ride-sharing, in-vehicle services, last-mile delivery, and monetization of data.

Miguel has held many executive roles at the cross-roads of business strategy and technology enablement, including Managing Vice President of Product Development at Capital One, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Honeywell, and Chief Global Strategist at Samsung. He is skilled at creating, transforming and growing technology businesses in areas such as IoT, connected homes and buildings, semiconductors, far-edge data centers, and mobile devices.

After graduating from his MBA at the University of Michigan, Miguel ‘cut-his-teeth’ at McKinsey & Company where he spent eight years as a leader in the automotive and technology practices working across many industries and geographies. He started his career at Accenture after obtaining his undergraduate computer engineering degree at the University of Illinois. Miguel is a former U.S. Marine and served as an enlisted machine-gunner.

Our Team

Collectively, the Shift5 team includes leading cybersecurity experts, accomplished analysts and developers, military and government backgrounds, authors, pattern-makers, and more. There’s a lot that makes us unique, but together, we’re united around the shared vision of solving the most pressing cybersecurity issues for trains, planes, and tanks and like to have fun doing it.

Josh Lospinoso

CEO & Co-founder


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Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder


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E. Egon Rinderer

Chief Technology Officer

Matt MacKinnon

Chief Product Officer

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Chief Revenue Officer

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